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Javascript: The Best Part


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As a Javascript developer, you must be familiar with the most popular Javascript tools such as Babel, Eslint Prettier, etc. And maybe from time to time, you are wondering how can Eslint know that you are declaring a variable without using it? or how can you copy-past a class from a project to another and boom dev-server crashed?

For a while, I used to believe that there is some black magic behind those tools until I discovered AST (Abstract syntax tree).

Understanding AST will give you the global vision you are missing about Javascript and help you understand the secret behind Javascript package diversity

By joining the Talk, you’ll learn.

  • What is AST and why you should care?
  • AST tools
  • How to write custom Eslint Rules and babel plugins
  • How to Improve your programming experience using AST
Youssouf EL Azizi Youssouf EL Azizi

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