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Deep-dive into Facebook Analytics roles

Deep Dive

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In this session we will learn about Data Engineering and Data Science careers within Facebook and what kind of technical challenges that we are trying to solve as part of Facebook products family. I will share details about the skills that you need to be success-full at these roles and go over real life examples of analytics problems that we are solving to better understand our platform. The session will be interactive and open to all levels for developers and whoever is interested in Data careers.

Waad Aljaradt Waad Aljaradt

Waad Aljaradt is a Data Engineer at Facebook. In 2015 she was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship to complete her Master's degree in Software Engineering with an emphasis on data mining from San Jose State University. Currently working with the Identity Integrity team within Facebook her role is to contribute to the success of the product with data insights and surface important metrics that can help the team monitor goals and overall product health, by building data pipelines that process raw data and create data sets that powers dashboards and metrics. She is very involved within the data career community mentoring developers who aim to embark into a data career change, also in 2018 She was a panel speaker at Grace Hopper conference discussing data careers and sharing keys to success in the field.