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Cloud-Native applications in hybrid cloud


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Since Cloud-Native applications are taking over the world, let’s discover how to develop these applications and deploy them in a hybrid cloud environment. In this session, we will cover the concepts of developing cloud-native applications. We will carry on with a live demo of the steps to deploy, debug and upgrade these applications in Openshift clusters. By the end of this session, you will understand the principles of cloud-native development and will acquire knowledge on application deployment in a hybrid cloud scenario.

Wissal Laassilia Wissal Laassilia

Wissal is a Big Data and Cloud Computing Engineer working as a Developer Advocate at IBM with focus on AI and Microservices and interest on IoT and Blockchain, she codes primarily in Java and NodeJS. Wissal engages with developers across enterprise, startup and open source and on-boards them onto the IBM Cloud platform. She has been a speaker at multiple meetups, has represented IBM at various technology conferences and mentors at hackathons. From another hand she's helping out the Moroccan IBM sales team to close up deals with clients by participating at POCs.