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A Practical Approach to CSS Grid


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Many of the modern websites have a grid-based layout using one or the other existing CSS frameworks. CSS Grid, a brand new powerful and two-dimensional layout system in modern CSS allows us to quickly create flexible, two-dimensional layouts without having to use any tables, floats, and positioning. CSS grid made it ridiculously easy for Web Designers to create compelling, responsive and complex layouts while ensuring interoperability between browsers. This talk will dive into a detailed overview of the standard and its features, Current state across all the major browsers, showcasing its capabilities with some nice responsive layouts. You will be introduced to the grid concepts and the new CSS properties required to use them. By the end of the talk, you will be able to play around CSS grids on your websites and get relieved from using any external frameworks for building grid layouts.

Santosh Viswanatham Santosh Viswanatham

Santosh is an open web philanthropist, Tech Speaker at Mozilla, SDE at Pramati Technologies and tweets at @isantoshv! He eats Angular for Breakfast and is an amateur React and VUE.js Developer. Santosh is a Mozilla Rep and a Participation leader at Mozilla, loves working with a diverse group of people. He has given talks on WebVR, Cross-Platform extensions, Firefox OS in the past. For his contributions to Mozilla, His name is listed in about:credits of every shipped Firefox Browser. When he is not glued to his computer you will find him reading books, watching movies, trying not to cook badly.