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Discover Fun in Documentation


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Good and Up-to-date documentation is a key part to succeed for every (software-) project. With AsciiDoctor and the vivid ecosystem surrounding it, extending up to docToolchain, there are many assistants ready to make day-to-day work on documentation pleasant. Not only to give the next new joiner on the team a nice and easy start and simplify developers life. This talk offers an overview and an entry point to the world of documentation with is way to often experienced as a painful dimension of software development. And of course we will look at the new stuff and improvements that version 2 of AsciiDoctor and the tools around provide.

Markus Schlichting Markus Schlichting

Markus is a Senior Software Engineer and Architect working for Karakun. He's spend most his time so far in building solutions for desktop, web and mobile and has become passionate about open source software and team culture. Markus is Co-organizer of the Hackergarten in Basel and likes to ride his Motorbike to get some fresh air.