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riffing functions on Kubernetes


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Kubernetes is a generic, extensible platform of platforms. It has gained significant momentum: we are all talking about it, and some of us are even using it. However, the journey from vanilla Kubernetes to a production-ready environment may be long and perilous with so many competing choices in a growing ecosystem.

Does it have to be that way? Not at all! riff (https://projectriff.io/), combined with Knative, brings useful abstractions and a unified improved(1) user experience to the table:

  • Simplified installation process based on the recent Cloud Native Application Bundle standard
  • 0-N pod autoscaling (notice how scale-to-zero rhymes with pay-as-you-go?)
  • Polyglot function support with Buildpacks v3, building from source
  • Emergent stateful streaming support

If you want to learn more about the next-gen open source serverless platform and have (work)loads of fun(ctions), join me!

(1) This talk does not feature a gazillion lines of YAML, and no eyes were hurt in the making of this talk.

Florent Biville Florent Biville

Software engineer working on project riff at Pivotal, serial conference (https://hack-commit-pu.sh) and meetup org (Spring Meetup Paris, Hackergarten), F/OSS contributor.