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Demystifying Kafka


archisec Architecture & Security

Kafka is an open-source distributed commit log addressing low latency, high throughput, scalability, fault-tolerance, and disk-based retention. It can be used to build tracking systems, messaging systems, high performance streaming platforms, real-time analysis, audit log….you name it. In this talk, we’re taking a closer look at essential Kafka concepts such as partition rebalancing, offset management, replication, producer/broker request fetching, file segments, etc. to understand what makes Kafka so scalable, resilient, performant and fault tolerant. We will also touch upon Kafka transactions to know what they are and how to leverage them. Last but not least we will highlight some potential pitfalls that one should watch out when going to production with Kafka.

Nakul Mishra Nakul Mishra

Solution architect at Confluent; prefers automation over manual configurations. Keen on distributed systems, event-driven architecture and code simplicity. Passion for developing applications that require creativity, imagination, fast-learning, and zest for putting theory into code