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Find the performance elephant in the room


java Java Language & Server Side

How many of you have been tasked with improving performance or solving a performance bottleneck? How many times has the data you gathered confused the situation more than it helped? It is very common for the data to point to a symptom and not the actual cause. During this talk I will discuss a few common performance issues and how they manifest in profile data. For each of the issues I will cover how I gathered the data, my initial suspicion about the problem and what I did to solve the actual problem. The talk will cover JVM object allocation, garbage collection logs, Java and JVM profilers and data structures.

Charlie Gracie Charlie Gracie

Charlie has over 15 years of experience working on JVM and runtime technologies. He is a Co-Project Lead on the Eclipse OMR project and a committer in the OpenJ9 project. The majority of his runtime experience is in Garbage Collection and multi threaded scalability. His passion is improving the performance of the runtime and the applications running on them.