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Rachid Zarouali is a Docker Captain, Community Leader, international speaker and trainer. In his previous roles as head of the infrastructure team for the French registry and C.I.O of a worldwide recognized CRM and E-COMMERCE agency, he recognized the need to bring the latest technology at a production level to businesses of all sizes and founded SevenSphere. Through SevenSphere, Rachid offers training and consultancy for companies striving to dive into microservices container based infrastructure. Happy Husband and father, Rachid spends his spare time, participating in a number of OSS communities, teaching cloud computing architecture at a software engineering school.

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Terraform on Azure Workshop

Hands-on Labs

Moving to the clouds offers flexibility, extensibility and the ability to create cost-effective platforms. To keep your cloud platform cost-effective, you need to be armed with the best cloud management tools? In this area Terraform from Hashicorp is getting a considerable momentum. In this workshop, I'll walk you through learning how to use Terraform to create and manage your cloud platform efficiently. While this workshop is Azure-based, you'll be able to make good use of what you've learned in this session whatever the cloud provider you would want to use. Beginners or intermediate users, if you plan on learning Terraform or sharpening your skills, this workshop is for you :).