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From Oracle Labs

A polyglot software engineer, passionate about everything and believes in simplicity as key for quality, I currently work on the GraalVM project managing the sustaining strategy.


lang Programing Languages

GraalVM: Love them all.


The world is polyglot, multilingual environment with an abundance of frameworks, each language has its place in this ecosystem, and for GraalVM they all deserve the save amount of love, loving a language is not discriminating against it even when used for a specific domain by a minority of developers and businesses, loving a language is striving to provide it with a higher permanence boost regardless of its paradigm choice, being it static or dynamic, loving a language is providing it with quality tools it deserves, and loving languages is letting them share that love among each other and work together without barriers. In this talk we will look into many GraalVM features that shower both languages and developers with the love they deserve.

java Java Language & Server Side

Making the Cloud More Efficient with GraalVM


The cloud is ubiquitous and can take many forms: from infrastructure as a service (IaaS), where you get low-level control, to function as a service (FaaS), where the platform is essentially abstracted away and managed for you. No matter the model used, startup time, low resource consumption, and overall performance are key goals for deploying a workload in the cloud. This session discusses how GraalVM, a high-performance, open source, polyglot virtual machine, helps meet those goals. It addresses how GraalVM can be used in IaaS/platform as a service (PaaS) setups and then looks at the other side of the cloud spectrum—FaaS—and explains how GraalVM can be leveraged for serverless functions. Attend this session to understand how to leverage GraalVM to improve your cloud workload.