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Geertjan is an open source enthusiast at Oracle, focused on free and open source technologies such as Oracle JET ( and Apache NetBeans (


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2nd Generation JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries


Did you know that over the past few years, large enterprises have been developing and open sourcing their JavaScript technology stacks? On GitHub, you'll find solutions by ING, Uber, PayPal, the Financial Times, Oracle, Microsoft, and many others. Some of these are software vendors, while others are in a variety of other industries. Each of them start from open source frameworks and libraries and all of them are interested in contributions.

The session, with several live coding scenarios, focuses on something that's been going on below the surface, mostly unseen: large enterprises are using open source solutions in the JavaScript ecosystem (e.g., React, Vue, Knockout, Angular), developing their own internal tech stacks, and then pushing these stacks out to GitHub.

Let's explore the advantages of these and see what can be done and how practical these developments are.