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Carol is is a Solutions Architect at MapR with extensive experience as a developer and architect building complex, mission-critical applications in the Banking, Health Insurance and Telecom industries.

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Machine Learning ::: Uses and Controversies


In this talk, we’ll look at ways ML Technologies are used and how data is sliced and diced. Meteorology, security, fraud detection, recommendation engines, self driving cars, graph analysis, advertising, econometrics, seismology, and more. And, we’ll take a quick look at resistance from the public over safety, privacy issues, security and more. We’ll conclude with a look at ethics (Cambridge Analytica, FB, cyber warfare (the Google drone issue), data hostage and ransoming, facial recognition (London), how online games and image tests (“let’s see if you’re human-pick photos with busses”), voice recognition (Google phone), social media (all your likes, your circle of friends, etc) provide ML data, etc